Why Living in an Apartment Instead of a House Makes Better Sense in Big Cities

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For many of us who imagine living in a sprawling bungalow would be the first preference of homeowners, a closer look at the top reasons for living in an apartment will be an eye-opener.


In a city like Mumbai, which has the reputation of being among the costliest in the world, trying to purchase a plot and then constructing a house on it is impossible for all save a few multimillionaires. It can be even more expensive to buy a ready-to-move-in independent house because they are relatively scarce, and it can be almost impossible to find one that checks all your boxes. In comparison, you may face an overwhelming choice of apartment home living that fits the criteria of location, price, and size.


When moving into a new apartment, you will want to live in a peaceful and crime-free area with good civic infrastructure that is reasonably close to your workplace, schools and colleges, medical facilities, shopping, entertainment, and dining opportunities. It is generally easier to find an apartment meeting these requirements than a plot or a ready-built independent villa. While it is true that you may have to compromise on the carpet area when buying an apartment, you will more than makeup for it with a location that is more upscale and safe, giving you a superior quality of life.

Amenities and Neighbors

Most classy apartment projects have amenities and facilities that rival five-star hotels. Facilities like swimming pools, cycling tracks, gyms, libraries, games rooms, banquet halls, landscaped gardens, etc., are par for the course. Even if you buy an apartment that is small, you will have unrestricted access to all the facilities, which is a luxury even the owners of bungalows can only dream of. Another advantage of living in an apartment complex is that it has an ecosystem that helps to support and energize you. Over time, you will develop enduring relationships with your neighbors that you will come to rely on for companionship and physical and emotional support.


One of the top benefits of apartment living for families is the higher level of security for your family from the innumerable outsiders with the potential for mischief and disturbance like salesmen, vendors, petty thieves, burglars, political activists, and street rowdies that tend to plague our cities. Typically, apartment complexes have security personnel and use advanced security equipment like CCTVs, lights, and even keyless entry systems that deter most intruders. Implementing and updating elaborate security systems for a standalone house would be unaffordable for most people.

Better and Cheaper Maintenance 

Maintaining and cleaning an independent house can be arduous because you need to attend to everything yourself, which can be difficult considering the hectic lifestyles of most people. For the elderly and infirm especially, it can be difficult to attend to the never-ending issues that keep cropping up. For people buying 1 BHK flats for sale in Mumbai in an apartment complex, the task of maintenance is taken care of by the society and does not need you to oversee personally. Also, you need to keep in mind that finding and paying the staff for the daily cleaning chores in a large bungalow can be both hard and expensive compared to a self-contained apartment.


It is easy to understand why even if you have a big budget; often it may be more sensible to buy an apartment instead of an independent house. You will get a superior quality of life, spend less, and enjoy better peace of mind.

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