What 2021 has in Store for the Real Estate Market

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The current real estate market is one where experts are anticipating tremendous growth, especially in 2021, given the lull that was 2020. With the RBI now having decided against changing key policy rates which have resulted in low housing loans has come as a much-welcomed step in order to boost the real estate sector. The RBI expects that lower housing loan rates will particularly attract first time home buyers. So how will this impact you and your home-buying plans? Let’s take a look.

More attractive deals:

The lockdown imposed in 2020 caused the real estate sector to take a massive hit, as buyer sentiments was that of sheer uncertainty. With the RBI now putting buyer’s minds at ease, it is proving to be one that home buyers stand to gain massively. With developers now offering attractive deals on new properties such as 2 bhk flats for sale in Mulund east, the real estate market will see a sharp increase in investments. Developers are now offering some of the best amenities and facilities at rates that were once a distant dream, with the aim of attracting buyers, especially the ones who have been pondering on the thought of buying a flat in Mumbai.

Scouting for the best deals:

While not all the real estate deals that you come across will be following your preferences, identifying the ones that appeal to you and shortlisting them will help you narrow down your options. In today’s digital age, you are not required to visit each and every construction site, as most of the developers have a well-updated website with the latest pictures and virtual tours or 3D maps of the project or the property itself. Once you have shortlisted these projects, check the surrounding areas for convenience and amenities such as shops, schools, and colleges, ease of traveling, water and power supply in the area and once you are convinced that the place is in accordance with your liking, only then should you proceed with the next step.

Meeting the developers:

Your final step before you put ink to paper is that you should speak with the developer and check for all the legal clearances and ask for an estimate on how long the completion of the project would take. This ensures that you get clarification and answers to your questions, thus ensuring that your mind is put at ease. You can also ask for a set of copies of the crucial documents to have them checked by a group of experts.

At Matoshree Nisarg, we are one of the first developers to have introduced transparency in the real estate sector and shall continue to do so. If you have any doubts or questions with regards to buying a home, then feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist you with the same.

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