Tips To Make Your One Bedroom Apartment Look Bigger

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For most people living in a 1 BHK flat in Mulund East, fitting in all their belongings may seem a tough task, and even if you stick with just the essential stuff, the space may seem too cramped for living in comfort. However, with some smart space planning and 1 BHK interior design arrangement, you can maximize the space and make the most of your apartment. Some effective ways to make rooms look bigger:

Select a Neutral Color Scheme:

The correct selection of the paint color can have a significant impact on the illusion of space in a 1 BHK home design. It is good practice to reserve the use of dark and bold colors to the accent walls and that too on a selective basis and paint the rest of the apartment in light and pastel shades to allow the light to reflect better and make the 1 BHK design house seem bigger than what it is. Light green and blue shades are particularly good in creating a cool and airy 1 BHK home décor that looks and feels great in warm climates like ours.

Create Maximum Storage:

Just because you have a small 1bhk interior, it does not mean that you have to live in a cluttered environment where it is difficult to find what you need quickly. Scan the apartment to identify spaces that you can use for storage. Make liberal use of vertical spaces by installing lofts in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. In other places, make sure that the cabinet is sleek so it does not interfere with the rest of the furniture and make your room look bigger. Ensure the bed and sofas have built-in storage and also use your wall space as much as possible to free up the floor. Simple things for 1 BHK flat decoration like hanging your TV on the wall and installing slim shelves for CDs, books, and artifacts work well to free up space.

Install Smart Multi-Functional Furniture:

Nowadays, you will get several good designs of multi-functional and collapsible furniture that serve to open up more space in your flat. For example, one of the top 1 BHK decorating ideas is a sofa-cum-bed that you can pull out a night or a bed or dining table that stands up flat against the wall and can be pulled down whenever you need to use them to make a small house look bigger.

Even the biggest one-bedroom flat can seem cramped if you do not implement ideas to make the room look bigger. Ensure you keep furniture to the minimum and lessen its impact on the space by choosing minimalist designs. Try not to have swing doors as much as possible, especially on wardrobes, cabinets, and closets. You can instead free up a lot of space by using sliding doors. You can discuss with your builder or interior decorator about an open layout for your flat. It will convert your one-bedroom flat into a studio apartment. You can demolish all walls except those of the bathrooms and use portable screens to mark the areas where you need privacy.

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