Some Great Space Saving Design Tips You Need for Your 1 BHK Flat in Mumbai 

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Even though you cannot find cheap properties in Mumbai, you can find a great 1 BHK in Mulund new projectthat is within your budget. If you’re planning to continue living your life in a 1 BHK flat, you need to know how you can utilize the space perfectly so that your room doesn’t become cluttered. With the help of the smart space management option, you can now focus on the decoration of your home that will boost its beauty. Here are some great Space Saving Room Ideas you need to remember to utilize the space perfectly.  

How Can You Fix Space Issue in 1 BHK Flat? 

When you live in a 1 BHK Flat, the spacing might pose a problem. Whether you have a small family or a bachelor, you need to ensure the interior of your apartment is comfortable. You also need to ensure you have access to sufficient storage facilities. What should you do if you have multiple household items that require their own space? 

Purchase Multi-Functional Furniture Items  

Nothing is as effective as multi-functional furniture items for Space Saving Interior Design. The popularity of these furniture items is expanding gradually. You can choose beds that come with built-in storage for your bedroom, where you can store your seasonal wear, blankets, and extra bed sheets. You can also choose foldable furniture items such as fordable dining tables that are extremely effective at helping you utilize space. Choose floor lamps for your living room that feature shelves to store magazines, stack books, trinkets, and other items. These are just a handful of ideas. Consider exploring the market so that you can find the most relevant multi-functional furniture items.  

Consider Building Vertical Storage  

This is one of the best 1 BHK Flat Design Ideas. Consider optimizing the wall space by choosing shelves, cabinets, and racks to store your essential belongings. If you want to move outside the box, you can choose a pegboard for your kitchen. This way, you will be able to hang spatulas, mugs, and other kitchen accessories. Not to mention, you also won’t face any problem locating them in a hurry. Installing floor-wall shelves is perfect for both the bathroom and bedroom. As the design of these shelves is compact, they will enhance the aesthetic beauty of your apartment. This way, you can fulfill your storage requirement without breaking your budget.  

Choose Open Space Layout  

The open space concept is gaining popularity amongst Indians, especially the people who are planning for 1 BHK Flat Interior Design. The open space concept will help you move from one point to another without facing any barriers. This concept will not only bring your entire family together but also generate great interaction. The open space layout is highly effective for bachelors, couples, family members, and friends. The implementation of different areas with no barriers will develop a sense of expansiveness.  


These are great design tips to save space for your 1BHK apartment. Make sure you contact us if you have any other questions.  


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