Neighbourhood Features that are Crucial Factors in Enhancing Property Value

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Investing in property requires one to give it quite a bit of thought. The location of the property and other crucial features determine the value of the property as well as its potential to increase in the coming years. Irrespective of whether you plan on living there yourself or give it up to tenants for a monthly rental income, the neighbourhood is one factor essential in impacting the overall value of the home. Here are some features to look for that enhance property value:

The walkability

However affluent the locality, it would all be in vain if you don’t have basic amenities at a walkable distance. This includes a pharmacy, a doctor’s clinic, the grocery store, a bus stop, a supermarket, all within a short distance from home. While this factor may often slip the mind of a home buyer in favor of other fancy amenities, it sure is a vital necessity.

The community

Buying a home is more than choosing the four walls you would like to spend the rest of your lives in or, perhaps, as long as possible! The society or community around the residential space is equally vital in helping you make a decision. A good community would automatically give you the boost you need to make the investment. With Matoshree, you would only find goodness about.

Ease of access to employment and education

With land being lesser than the population, the number of residential complexes within a kilometer does not always make provision for educational facilities and employment opportunities at a close distance. Mulund, on the other hand, ensures an ease of access to the best schools and colleges that are accredited by the rightful authorities. Further, the mushrooming corporate zones around these residential complexes make this particular suburb a valuable area to invest in.

With Matoshree Nisarg being on the many ongoing residential projects in Mumbai, finding your ideal home in this locality would be a walk in the park!

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