Lesser Known Benefits Of Investing In An Under Construction Project

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Finding the right property for investment in Mumbai is a tough task. These days under construction projects are attracting many buyers thanks to their price structure. As compared to ready spaces, under construction projects offer more financial flexibility. The real estate market is the most expensive in Mumbai. Though several affordable housing spaces are now being created on the outskirts of the city, it is very difficult to afford a property in posh locations. In Mumbai, properties in Mulund have gained a lot of worth. With good road connectivity and improved infrastructure, properties in Mulund now rank among the best. Property rates in Mulund are on the lower side as compared to places like BKC, Andheri, Bandra, etc. Mulund has lately emerged as the most profitable option for real estate investment. There are several under construction projects in Mulund which are worth investing in. Moreover, properties in Mulund also offer a good return on investment. Though many buyers are wary of investing in under construction projects, there are several benefits of investing in the same.

Increased value in Less Amount of Time
When you invest in an under-construction project your property will witness a jump in a rate once it is fully constructed. Most other properties will take years to experience this increase in rates! One can easily expect an appreciation of about 15% from the time of launch to completion.

More Choices 
Buying a property in an under construction project gives you more freedom to choose. In an already constructed project, you may not find the home of your choice but in an under construction project you can convey your preferences in terms of floor, the direction of the house, etc. Additionally, with the builder’s permission and official approvals, you can also modify your space to an extent.

Flexible Payment Options 
Several builders these days offer flexible payment options to investors which eases off the burden to a great extent. After paying 10%-20% at the time of booking, most investors pay the remaining amount in instalments which gives them a relief of sorts.
Under construction projects in Mulund are ideal for profitable investment.

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