How Matoshree Nisarg is a Friend of Nature

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The trend of Mumbai under construction projects ensuring an environmentally friendly residential complex to investors can be seen as a great initiate in making the city safer for the coming generations. Matoshree Nisarg is one such project that has worked towards making this a reality through the following measures :

Greenery in Abundance:
One of the greatest blessings about Matoshree Nisarg is the lush greenery that one can be surrounded by every single day. From the lawns enticing us to be one with nature every time we lay eyes on it to the comfort it brings to those seeking tranquillity, this eco-friendly haven is perfect for those with a love for nature.

Views that are a gift from nature:
Pleasant views are certainly hard to come by in this city that is chockfull of polluted air. Most commercial constructions have also removed all signs of greenery by encroaching in territory that was a haven for green surrounding in past decades. Matoshree Group has taken every effort to ensure that this residential project of theirs works towards improving this situation by offering spectacular views to the residents out here, allowing them to stay rejuvenated and refreshed every time they look around.

Rainwater harvesting: 
Mumbai is a city popular for the heavy rainfall it sees every year and the way it managed to bring life to a standstill, or at least slow down to a great extent. Matoshree Nisarg aims to work its way through this beautiful season with its plan of rainwater harvesting that can not only benefit residents but also our mother Earth that yearns to be saved from all the damage manmade activities have caused.

Sewage Treatment Plant:
Another way Matoshree as a residence is benefiting the environment is with its sewage treatment plant that would work towards removing wastewater contaminants to produce treated water that is environmentally safer.
All of these initiatives by Matoshree Group as one of the many Mumbai under construction projects makes it an eco-friendly residence worth investing in.
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