How Can NRIs Achieve Meaningful Investments In Indian Real Estate

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Real estate investments can turn out to be profitable if you know the correct avenues to put your money. While Indian residents are quite aware of the market forces, NRIs often don’t know the perfect ways to utilize their savings and wealth. Targeted and unique investment tips can help them invest in the right areas thus earning huge profits.
If you take a look at current market trends, you will see how countless NRIs have made money out of property investments. These dealings have not only increased their personal wealth but also added to the country’s overall income.
Non-resident Indians have to follow some rules, regulations, and legal procedures while acquiring properties in India.
The following blog post will unravel the best tips for NRIs to invest in Indian real estate market!

Tips to follow :
Some of the intelligent and judicious NRIs are well aware of their rights. They know how to achieve the most profitable investment. On the contrary, NRIs also become victims of forgery and counterfeiting in some of the cases. Having a brief yet comprehensive idea of the effective tips will help them sail through the process.
a. Developers’ reputation: While planning to buy properties from a particular realtor, the buyer should check the reputation and reliability of their chosen company. That will save them from legal hassles.
b. Legitimacy: Are you buying a legal property? Before finalizing the association and sealing the deal, make sure you check the documents produced by the developer. Some of the leading realtors have service registrations and certifications. Quite naturally, they will make sure the entire process is transparent.
c. NRI taxes: Unlike those living within the boundaries of the country, NRIs will have specific tax implications. If you are one of them, you will have to associate with a tax attorney and understand the following concepts and implications:

  • TDS
  • Rental Taxes
  • Withholding taxes
  • Property taxes

Choosing the perfect location
NRIs looking for spacious properties will surely want to invest in Mumbai. With some of exquisite 2 BHK flats in Mulund, they will have the opportunity to make profitable investments.

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