Home Wall Decor to Add Charm to your Abode

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Painting the walls of homes has been a practice done and dusted with numerous variations tried. Unless you are opting for something completely unique in painting ideas, it is best to just forego normal paint altogether and try something truly unique to give your home the makeover you desire.

Being the largest surface within your home, there is much to be done with the walls with no lack of ideas.

Quotes on the walls

One thing about quotes is that choosing the right one is very essential. After all, you’ll be seeing it every single day until you finally decide to paint over it. If it is a small quote that you love, make sure the letters are visible enough that no one would have to stick their nose to the wall to read it. Nor should it be so big that it doesn’t fit on a single wall. And if you would rather just give it the look and feel of a book, you can always go for a look that turns your wall to be a page of a book!

Climbers gracing the walls

Green lover certainly should opt for this particular wall decor rather than the rest. You not only contribute to a healthier environment and cleaner air circulating within your home but also add a decorating element without shelling too much on having it installed. With creepers available in the market, you can even do it by yourself instead of calling someone to do it for you!

Decals for an elegant addition

Decals have become a favorite among interior designers and lovers of art. With the ability to move any image or design from a piece of plastic, cloth, paper, etc. on to a wall, you can even stick the decal on the walls yourself. And this certainly doesn’t mean that you are limited to certain designs only. With a plethora of options to choose from, you can design any room you like with the kind of aura you wish it to ooze. Be it the children’s room or your reading zone, there is something for everyone when choosing a decal.

So, while you may have the best homes purchased in the upcoming projects in Mumbai, keep the home decor a priority too!

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