Health Benefits for Residents of Mulund

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As a locality within Mumbai that is known as a popular hub for recreational activities, Mulund has surely snagged the hearts of many home buyers and investors owing to the affluence that the local projects and the many amenities that are out there for people who like living a life of luxury.

Keeping this factor in mind, the Matoshree Group has made it their prerogative with their new residential project in Mulund, Matoshree Nisarg that promises to offer beautiful, spacious flats with numerous amenities and perks in tow. Apart from the luxury of seeing wide green expanses every morning that lets you have a perfect start to your day, the locality also allows fitness freaks and those who lean on health benefits as priority choose the home. Here are some of the health perks of living in a lovely flat in Matoshree Nisarg:

Fitness Avenues
Matoshree Nisarg has the best of the facilities for all fitness buff with a joggers track in the premises as well as a highly-equipped gymnasium where one can work out without restrictions. And if you’d rather run a wider perimeter, you can always use the streets of Mulund as your jogging path with the wide streets giving you enough space to move about.

Meditation and Other Mind Relaxing Avenues
While working out the muscles of your body is required, mental peace is equally vital. Techniques such as meditation and other relaxing methods offer the right health benefits to your minds. The green expanse at Matoshree Nisarg and the reflexology park spread across the premises gives you the perfect to let your mind and body relax.

Medical Institutions and Facilities
Apart from fitness and mental peace, being a resident of Mulund also allows you to have the best of medical assistance within a few minutes’ drives with some of the most renowned hospitals located right in the locality.
If you are a health buff, purchasing one of the many Mulund flats for sale at Matoshree Nisarg is sure to be a decision worth the while this year.

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