Games to Indulge in at Matoshree for Sports Buffs

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Live in the city can be a little stressful with the fast pace of life that everyone has gradually learnt to accept. Be it a student is burdened with endless schoolwork or an employee tired of the hassles of balancing work and traffic like a pro, everyone needs a respite at the end of the day or, perhaps, the end of the week. A home at Matoshree Nisarg allows you to spend your best moments surrounded by greenery and get the chance to indulge in sports activities as well. Here are some of these activities you can be a part of:


For those with a good hand-and-eye coordination, we have a lovely badminton court out here to let you spend your free time on the weekends. The wide court that is part of the amenities offered by Matoshree Nisarg makes it easy for you to relieve your stress by playing a little on the weekends or even some evenings as you get back from work. You can stay active in both mind and body by indulging in a game or two with your family and neighbours and socialise as well!

Table Tennis

If badminton is too long a stretch for you, table tennis is definitely the right option for you. With the best of the equipment here for the residents of the residential complex, children, parents, grandparents, or just about anyone can get in on this game where one needs very little movement.


Footballers, ahoy! Rather than watching it live on the television, you may as well put your jerseys and sneakers on and get on the court here that is specially designed for the residents.

Apart from these, there are numerous activities that you can partake in to keep up your strength and indulge in as many sports activities as possible. A well-equipped gymnasium also awaits you here if you would rather lift some weights and get some cardio done. With numerous Mulund flats for sale at this beautiful residential complex, you can secure a dream house for you and your children with every amenity needed to live life to the fullest.

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