Factors To keep In Mind Before Investing In New Residential Projects

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Due to rapid urbanisation, there are several new residential projects coming up in the city. However, most of us follow a long checklist when it comes to investing in a new residential project. There are several advantages of investing in a new project and the main reason is its affordability. As compared to ready projects, ongoing and new projects are quite easy on the pocket. With innumerable new projects coming up every day, it is difficult to decide on one property. Most buyers first focus on the cost of the space and then consider other factors. Here are some other important aspects which must be kept in mind before investing in new residential projects in Mumbai.

Locality Before investing in a new residential property, it is necessary to check the locality too. See to it that the place has enough accessible facilities like hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. Moreover, the locality will also influence the price of your property in future if you ever want to put it on rent or want to sell it off. Due to the stated, it is best to check the locality thoroughly.

Amenities offered by the developer Most buildings these days are equipped with amazing facilities like health club, swimming pool, clubhouse, etc. Even if the property you are planning to invest in does not have all of it, it is necessary to look in for basic facilities like CCTV cameras for safety, parking space, etc. Nobody would like to live in an unsafe property and therefore, focusing on safety is very important.

Enquire about the upcoming developments in the locality One can also inquire about the upcoming developments in the locality which can influence the standard of living of the people. Try finding out if the locality is going to have any transport related developments like metro station, bus stops, etc. Moreover, there may be new shopping malls coming up in the neighbourhood which might improve the locality’s crowd too!

Reliability of the developer Before going for any properties in new residential projects in Mumbai it is better to check whether the developer is genuine or no. See to it that you have done thorough research on the builder and have also seen their past projects.
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